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James River below Balcony Falls Fall Copyright 2004, 2005 Julie Wilson It's a crisp, autumn morning, early enough that the fog has not yet entirely burned off. The leaves on the trees leaning over the river from the left and the right are burning with deep reds and bright golds, and the water at the put-in is clear and gently rippling with lapping waves, calling us to the river.
James River, VA © 2004, 2005 Julie Wilson  

One of the reasons we paddle is to enjoy the beauty of nature, and Coastals is committed to keeping nature in Virginia beautiful.

Virginia's water, plentiful as it is, and clean as it once was, has been used, abused, dammed, ignored, given away, and taken advantage of in about every way possible. Virginia's population is growing rapidly. Some residents and visitors want a prime homesite on the water, some businesses believe they can only make enough money if they can legally ignore the cost of what runs off from their property, and everyone's activities, even if they don't actually see more water than what comes out of their faucets, have an impact on Virginia's water.

We who prize and depend on clear and clean free-flowing water for recreation have a special need and a special obligation to protect water quality and to support safe and legal access for the public to our streams, rivers, lakes, the Chesapeake Bay, and the ocean.

If you have any links or articles of interest, please submit them to our conservation officer. Check back for updates as they become available.

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