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The calendar below includes three categories of happenings:

Click the small down arrow (image of a down arrow) at the top right corner of the calendar below to select calendars to view or hide, and click the Agenda tab to see a list view. Click the item for details and any clickable links. Lists of Coordinators and Rivers appear below the calendar. Adding the event to your Google calendar does NOT notify the trip coordinator.

Coastals trips are intended primarily for club members; however, visitors are invited to check us out! Paddling can be quite dangerous. All trip participants assume full responsibility for their own safety. The coordinator only organizes the trip. Paddlers must rate their own ability for these trips. Difficulty ratings are intended as a rough guide and are subject to error. You are expected to research an unfamiliar river yourself. Please don't just "show up." Please don't bring unexpected guests. Please don't endanger yourself and the group by paddling a trip for which you are not prepared. This list also includes activities not coordinated by Coastals that may be of interest to the paddling community.

Please contact the trip coordinator by 9 pm Thursday to confirm that you are going. Coordinators' phone numbers are in the Coastals' Roster or in the current printed newsletter. Be sure to check the Coastals Forum for updates by clicking here. Look for "O.C.T" in the Topic's subject line. NOTE: Due to spam bot problems, the contact link may take you to the coordinator's profile on the Coastals forum. Register, confirm your e-mail address (see FAQ at top of "Paddle Now" forum) and log in to contact the coordinator by private message or e-mail. Trip coordinators: see note at bottom of page.

Trips are rated as follows: N=Novice I=Intermediate A=Advanced All=All levels S=Sea kayak

Trip coordinators: You have an option which protects your e-mail address from spam by providing the cruise director a link to your Facebook profile or your public profile on the Coastals Forums. You can find this link by clicking "profile" in one of your posts or by finding your username in the memberlist (link at top of forum page). The link looks like this: and enables users to contact you through the forum. Please be sure to update your e-mail address on the forum if it changes.

Click the links at the bottom in the frame below for lists of Coordinators and Rivers. If you have trouble viewing the frame below, click here.

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